For Pendleton Ward

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Песенка от фанатки для создателя "Времени приключений".

So I've been watching this show since...

A very long time ago

And by "very" I mean like a couple years or so, since like that first youtube video came out or whatever

Anyways, I think very highly of you

You're a pretty awesome dude

This is me giving thanks to

You for all the wonderful things you do

Mr. Ward

Mr. Ward

You deserve all the awards

We share the same last name, oh Mr. Ward

You deserve all the love and fame in the world, yes you

There ain't a thing you cannot do, oh Mr. Ward

So let me tell you, sir

About your characters

And how they've all taught me

A thing or two that's helped me in life...

There's Finn the human and Jake the dog

Who taught me how awesome life is

The little things and the big things too, in the land of Ooo

It's an adventure you conquer day by day

And even if you're sad things are still okay

You just sword fight all your problems away

Or whatever gets you through it

There's Bubblegum, LSP, and Marceline the vampire queen

Easily the most awesome girls in town

They all told me that it's pretty cool to be a science geek or a music freak

Not everyone is exactly as they seem

Just be yourself and you will find that it's not how you look but what's on your mind

Role models that transcend lumpy space time

Now Ice king, despite being the villain, he teaches us persistance

You can still learn a lot from him in this instance

And Rainicorn, Tree Trunks and Pig, Peppermint Butler as well

I don't have enough time to tell you what I've learned from every creature

But they're all loved in their own special way (and it'd probably be boring to hear everything I have to say...)

Mr. Ward

Mr. Ward

You deserve all the awards

We share the same last name, oh Mr. Ward

Thank you Pen, your show is something I've

Needed for a long, long time...

My point is, there is no time like Adventure Time

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