Adventure Time Cover (with added lyrics by yours truly)

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Замечательный кавер от двух талантливых девушек. Текст песни под видео.

Hannah Grace 1 - Adventure Time Cover (with added lyrics)

Adventure Time come on grab your friends

We'll go to very distant lands

With Jake the Dog and Finn the human

The fun will never end

It's Adventure Time

Adventure Time come on grab your chums

We'll go and visit Bubblgum

Then to Marceline's to jam with the bass

And play video games on Beemo's face

La La La La La La La

Oh my globbb (2)

Slam Bam in a can

Shmow Zow

Wow Cow chow

I'm not cute I'll mess you up

Ew are those monstor guts?

Easy Peasey Living Greasy

This dolphin fell in the love with me

I love you everything burrito

Yo, man Don't eat those

Adventure Time let's all fly away

We'll use our beards and tell the Ice King hey

Then we'll hop on rainicorn

And sore to the land of Adventures and butts

And candy men.

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